How do I add a background color?

These instructions apply to templates that use the Drag and Drop editor only. For instructions on editing items created in the Lists editor, see the Creating Print Items: Lists Editor section.    

You can use a shape to add color to your item background. 

To add a background color:

  1. Click Shapes from the left panel of the Drag and Drop editor. 
  2. Drag the Rectangle shape to your item. Make sure your mouse cursor is over the item when you release your mouse.
  3. Use the handles in the corners of the shape to resize it so that it covers the entire item.
  4. In the top-right corner under the editor toolbar, click the Layer button. Click the Move to Back option to move the shape behind all other elements in your item.

  5. With the shape still selected, click the Fill Color button. 
  6. Select a color for the background. You can enter the Hex or RGB values. 
  7. Use the slider underneath the color selection to change the background opacity.
  8. Click outside of the item to release the shape layer.
Note: When the background layer is selected, it will be brought to the foreground as you make your edits. When you click outside of your item to release the layer, it will display in the background of the item once more.

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