Should I create a newsletter under the Promotions tab or the Newsletter tab? What about e-blasts?

You can create newsletters or e-blasts under either tab.

Choose the Newsletters tab to:

Choose the Promotions tab (and click Create Item then go to the Emails type and E-blasts) to:
  • Use segmented lists using Subscriber Interest Groups such as “parents of young children” or “book club members.” Patrons can select these areas of interest on the opt-in form that we automatically generate for you.
  • Send an e-blast or recurring newsletter to one or more Subscriber Interest Groups.
  • Find templates designed for Summer Reading Program events and information, personalized reading recommendations, special interests like job seekers, online resource promotion, teen programs and more.

Want some tips on using newsletters and e-blasts to reach readers? We’ve got recorded webinars and training plus a white paper filled with ideas. Still stumped? Click the “Stuck? Chat with us!” button while in LibraryAware and we’ll help you out.

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