December 2014 Updates

The next release of LibraryAware will be available the week of December 15. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at  

This release will bring you the following changes:

Note: We will link to the relevant help pages as they become available.

Add content from your newsletters straight to your promotional Items

A quick way to pin to Pinterest

And posting to Facebook and Twitter is easier than ever

Link text to an email address

  • In addition to linking to books in your catalog, e-resources, and websites, you can now add a mailto: link.  When subscribers click on the link in your e-blast or newsletter, a new email message will open right in their email client.  Add a subject line or start the email message to make it even easier for your subscribers to get in touch with you.

Customize your standard opt-in and subscriber pages in even more ways
  • Now you can edit the text that appears at the top of both your opt-in page and your manage subscription page.  

Set up LibraryAware to open a specific tab when you log in

  • Do you only work on the newsletters for your library?  Or do you mostly manage subscribers?  Now you can save yourself that extra click and set up your LibraryAware account to open to the tab you use most often!  Set the Default Tab at your Profile.

And other great new features...

Check out the release announcement at:

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