July 2015 Updates

The next release of LibraryAware will be available the week of July 6. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at LibraryAware@ebsco.com.  This release will bring you the following changes:

Note: We will link to the relevant help pages as they become available.

Usage statistics and data for all channels
  • Whether you check your metrics under an individual Promotion or check it for all Promotions at once under the Reports tab, you'll be able to see a breakdown of the data for each delivery channel.
Communication Summary pulls all your Promotion and Newsletter data into one place
  • Found under the Reports tab, the Communication Summary shows you data for all Promotional Items and Newsletters created and sent during a specific date range--all in one place!  This makes it easy to compare delivery channels to see what's working for your customers!
Email notification when your emails and posts have gone out
New template format for 2-sided posters
  • LibraryAware will have new templates for the 2-sided Poster (11x17) format.  Templates will be available for both portrait and landscape orientation.  The 2-sided landscape poster is perfect for creating a folded print newsletter to hand out at your library!
New A3 and A4 templates
  • Look for our new 2-sided poster templates in the A3 size, too!  And see our shelf signage format in the A4 size.
Create newsletters from your EBSCO and NoveList alerts
Sort your subscriber list by bounce status

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