December 2015 Updates

The next release of LibraryAware will be available the week of December 14. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at  

We will have special Tuesday Tune-up training sessions on several of our new features:

This release will bring you the following changes:

Note: We will link to the relevant help pages as they become available.

New type of newsletter widget available (and a new selection wizard for widgets too!)
  • We have an all new newsletter widget type that shows multiple book jackets with a larger area for more detail for a single book.  You'll also see a new look to the widget type selection screen, with a preview to give you an idea of what your widget will look like.  Also look for new ways to customize your widgets, such as book jacket spacing and widget header options.
Adjust opacity on images
  • For images in print items and widgets, you can now adjust the opacity for an image to make it more transparent.  This is great if you really want to make your text pop!
Interest Groups can be added to custom Opt-In pages
Image Management page has a new look and new features
  • The File Management page under the Admin section is now called Image Management and it has some great new features!  You can now see thumbnails for each image at a glance, and search for any image by name or keyword.  Images can also be edited at any time to change the name or add additional keywords.  Managing your organization's images is easier than ever.
Newsletter Send History report now includes more metrics
The section layouts menu now sticks when you click on a section
  • We've removed the hover menu for the section layout templates and that menu can now be accessed by clicking on a section instead.  This means that the menu stays up no matter where your mouse goes!  Then you can click on the Add New drop-down to see the options of sections to add.
New aspect ratios for promotional widgets
  • We now have four new aspect ratios for promotional widget containers:
    • 1:1
    • 2:1
    • 3:1
    • 1:3
Libraries that are part of a consortium account can access images from the parent org

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