How do I view Active Promotions?

Select Promotions from the top of the LibraryAware screen to access the All Promotions page and view a list of your organization’s Active Promotions.  Active Promotions are those that your organization is currently working on.  

For each Promotion in the list, you will find the following information:

  • The number of documents or Items created for the Promotion.
  • The number of Items published or scheduled for publication.
  • The date the Promotion was created.
  • The user who created the Promotion.
  • The date the Promotion was last updated.
  • The user who last updated the Promotion.

You can view the Items for a Promotion by selecting the View Promotion link.  Select Create Item to begin creating a new Item for a Promotion.

Search for a Promotion

If you have a long list of Active Promotions, you can use the Search feature to quickly find a Promotion. Enter any words from a Promotion name in the Search box and your list will be filtered.

You can also display only those Promotions that you created and filter out those that you did not, by using the Show only my promotions checkbox.

Filter Your List of Promotions

Click the Starred button above the list of Promotions to view only Promotions that have been starred.  Or click All to view all Promotions.  You can set the default for this filter at your profile.  See How to I change my user profile? for more information.

Sort Your List of Promotions

From the Sort By drop-down, you can sort your list of Promotions by name or date created. By default, your list will be sorted with the oldest Promotions at the top. Change the sort order by using the arrow buttons at the top right corner of the screen. 

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