How do I view the details of an item I created?

Click on the Promotions tab at the top of the screen to reach the All Promotions page. You can access all of the Items created for a Promotion by clicking the View Promotion link beneath the Promotion name. 

After clicking View Promotion, you will be taken to the Items page for the Promotion you selected. Here, you’ll find thumbnails for all existing Items associated with this Promotion. Items created in the Drag and Drop editor will be designated with a green banner in the corner.

Click on the thumbnail image for the item or the title beneath the thumbnail to open a menu of available actions. From here, you can view Document Details (Name, Delivery method, Format, Audience, and Date Created), and View, Edit, Print, Post, or Delete an Item. 

Note: Depending on your assigned role in LibraryAware, some options from the Document Details menu may not be available.

See the following pages for more information on what you can do with existing Items: 



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