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What are the recommended print settings for LibraryAware?

Please note, if some options are not available from the initial Print menu, click the link to print using the system dialog then select Preferences or Properties.

  • Uncheck the Fit to Page option (also called Shrink to Fit or Scale to Fit). If you leave the option checked, your Items may print smaller than originally intended, and folding and cutting will not work properly.

  • Enable printing of background colors and images.  This setting is generally not selected by default.  The Print Background Colors and Images setting may be found at the Page Setup page (in Internet Explorer and Firefox).  

  • Check Two-sided (or Print on Both Sides) if you are printing a document with two sides.

  • Select the appropriate Orientation for your Item.  Select the Landscape orientation when printing brochures (bifold or trifold) or vertically-positioned bookmarks.  Select the Portrait orientation when printing flyers or horizontally-positioned bookmarks.

  • Print landscape-oriented Items by selecting “Short-edge binding” or “Flip on short edge” from the Two-Sided field (if available).  
  • Print portrait-oriented Items by selecting “Long-edge binding” or “Flip on long edge” from the Two-Sided field (if available).
  • If your printer is unable to handle duplex (two-sided) printing automatically, you can manually flip the paper after the first page is printed.  Before you do this, perform a test to determine which edge and print face the printer will print on

  • Unless otherwise indicated, LibraryAware templates have been designed for letter sized (8.5 x 11 inch) paper, and the ratios are not proportional for A3/A4 paper.  Only templates labeled with A3 or A4 should be used for those paper sizes.  The A3/A4 templates are not available by default, so please contact us at if you would like these additional templates available to you.
Note: These settings may have other names due to different printers or browsers.  If you have any questions about printing, please contact us at

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