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  1. Status 

    1. Status of LibraryAware
  2. Learn About the Recent Changes 

    1. Upcoming NextReads Changes
    2. January 2017 Updates
    3. April 2016 Updates
    4. February 2016 Updates
    5. December 2015 Updates
  3. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to LibraryAware for public libraries
    2. Welcome to the Newsletter Builder for corporate customers
    3. LibraryAware Training
    4. System Requirements
    5. How do I promote LibraryAware?
  4. Start to Finish: LibraryAware Cheat Sheets 

    1. Cheat Sheet: Create an Event Flyer
    2. Cheat Sheet: Create a Reading Map
    3. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bibliography
    4. Cheat Sheet: Create a Flyer Using 3-Layer Templates
    5. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bookmark
  5. NextReads 

    1. Getting Started with NextReads in LibraryAware
    2. NextReads Downloads
    3. Standard Newsletters Provided by NextReads
    4. How are NextReads newsletters created?
    5. LibraryReads Newsletters
  6. Video Tutorials 

    1. Video Tutorials
  7. Admin 

    1. Basic Settings
    2. What URL should I use for my Evanced feed?
    3. How does Events by Evanced Solutions work with LibraryAware?
    4. Catalog Link Format Examples
    5. Content Availability
  8. Subscriber Management 

    1. How do I add subscribers?
    2. How do I bulk upload a list of subscribers?
    3. How do I edit or delete email subscribers?
    4. Can I export my subscriber list?
    5. How do I create a new Subscriber Interest Group?
  9. User Settings 

    1. How do I change my user profile?
    2. How do I access LibraryAware accounts for other branches?
    3. How can I change my password?
    4. How do I change my login email address?
  10. Creating a Promotion 

    1. How do I create a Promotion?
  11. Editing Current Promotions 

    1. How do I view Active Promotions?
    2. How do I archive an Active Promotion?
    3. What are starred Promotions/Items and how do I manage them?
  12. Creating Items 

    1. How do I create Items?
    2. What are the different types of templates in LibraryAware?
    3. What are flexible templates?
    4. How do I find shelf talker templates in LibraryAware?
    5. What are Section Layout templates and how can I use them to create bibliographies in print Items?
  13. Editing Items 

    1. About the Editor
    2. How do I create Print Items using Section Layouts?
    3. How do I create and edit an e-blast?
    4. What is the difference between a newsletter and an e-blast?
    5. Reusables
  14. Printing & Publishing Items 

    1. Where can I view the full schedule of all Items my organization has published?
    2. How do I print Items?
    3. What are the recommended print settings for LibraryAware?
    4. My bookmarks (or quarter/half page flyers) are not aligned properly when I print. What can I do?
    5. Why is my branding block displaying incorrectly or missing for a particular Item type?
  15. Creating & Using Newsletters 

    1. How do I create a newsletter list?
    2. How do I edit a newsletter list?
    3. How do I create a newsletter from an EBSCO or NoveList alert?
    4. How can I see a list of my newsletter lists?
    5. How can I see which newsletter lists receive syndicated content?
  16. Creating & Using Widgets 

    1. What is the process for creating a widget and adding it to your library's website?
    2. How do I create widget containers to hold my promotional widgets?
    3. How do I create a newsletter widget or add newsletter content to my site?
    4. How do I add a widget container to my website to display my widgets?
    5. Where can I display my widget?
  17. Managing a Promotion 

    1. How do I view the details of an Item I created?
    2. How do I delete an Item?
    3. How do I delete a Promotion?
    4. Schedule
    5. Promotional Details
  18. Statistics & Reports 

    1. Promotional Reports
    2. Promotion Schedule
    3. Newsletter Send History
    4. Newsletter Subscription History
    5. Promotions Overview
  19. General Topics 

    1. What is the difference between an Interest Group and a Newsletter List?
    2. What is the difference between a Promotion and an Item?
    3. Is LibraryAware compatible with Macs?
    4. Can I use LibraryAware images outside of LibraryAware?
    5. Do I need copyright permission to upload photos?
  20. Marketing Tips 

    1. Tip: Key Elements to Know Before You Start
    2. Tip: Program Planning
    3. Tip: Program Planning Checklist
    4. Tip: Channels of Communication
    5. Tip: Handouts
  21. Troubleshooting 

    1. Why can't I activate my account?
    2. Why does LibraryAware log me out?
  22. All articles 

    1. Basic Settings
    2. How do I add subscribers?
    3. How do I change my user profile?
    4. How do I create a Promotion?
    5. How do I view Active Promotions?

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