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Knowledge Base

  1. Status 

    1. Status of LibraryAware
    2. What's New in LibraryAware?
    3. What do I do if book jackets aren't showing up when I try to add them to my newsletters and print items?
  2. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to LibraryAware for public libraries
    2. Using the Search Bar Feature
    3. Using the LibraryAware Home Screen
    4. Using the new Folders section
    5. LibraryAware Training
  3. Start to Finish: LibraryAware Cheat Sheets 

    1. Cheat Sheet: Find the Right Template with Keywords
    2. Cheat Sheet: Create an Event Flyer
    3. Cheat Sheet: Create a Reading Map
    4. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bibliography
    5. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bookmark
  4. NextReads 

    1. Getting Started with NextReads in LibraryAware
    2. NextReads Promotional Downloads
    3. I want to use the NextReads newsletters to promote my online programs and services
    4. I want to add a link to an e-book or e-audiobook in my NextReads newsletter
    5. Standard Newsletters Provided by NextReads
  5. Promoting Library Services to Specific Audiences 

    1. Promoting Library Services to Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
  6. Promoting Library E-Resources 

    1. Promoting Your Business Resources
    2. Promoting NoveList
    3. Promoting LearningExpress
  7. Video Tutorials 

    1. Video Tutorials
  8. For Account Administrators 

    1. Basic Settings
    2. What URL should I use for my Evanced feed?
    3. How does Events by Evanced Solutions work with LibraryAware?
    4. Catalog Link Format Examples
    5. Content Availability
  9. Subscriber Management 

    1. How do I add subscribers?
    2. How do I bulk upload a list of subscribers?
    3. How do I edit or delete email subscribers?
    4. Can I export my subscriber list?
    5. How do I create a new Subscriber Interest Group?
  10. User Settings 

    1. How do I change my user profile?
    2. How do I access LibraryAware accounts for other branches?
    3. How can I change my password?
    4. How do I change my login email address?
  11. Creating a Folder 

    1. I want to create a folder
    2. Strategy: Naming and organizing folders and items
  12. Editing Current Folders 

    1. I want to archive a folder
    2. I want to edit the details of a folder
    3. I want to view my active folders
  13. Creating Items 

    1. What are the different types of templates in LibraryAware?
    2. I want to create an item
    3. I want to edit an item
    4. I want to copy an item
    5. How do I create an item from scratch?
  14. Editing Items: Classic Editor 

    1. Creating Print Items: Classic Editor
    2. How do I create items in the Classic editor?
    3. How can I create bibliographies in the Classic editor?
    4. Reusables
    5. What if I have trouble finding the book that I want to add to my item or newsletter?
  15. Creating & Using E-Blasts 

    1. How do I create and edit an e-blast?
    2. Accessibility in LibraryAware Emails
    3. How do I create a clickable button and add it to my item?
    4. Can a link embedded in an email link to anything?
    5. How can I get the permanent link to an e-blast?
  16. Editing Items: Drag and Drop Editor 

    1. Creating Print Items: Drag and Drop Editor
    2. What keyboard shortcuts can I use in the Drag and Drop editor?
    3. How do I add and edit text in the Drag and Drop editor?
    4. How do I add and edit images in the Drag and Drop editor?
    5. How do I add and edit shapes?
  17. Saving & Previewing Items 

    1. How do I save my item?
    2. I want to save my item as a PDF
    3. I want to save a flyer or other item as an image
    4. I want to move an item from one folder to another
    5. How can I share my item so a coworker can review?
  18. Printing & Publishing Items 

    1. Where can I view the full schedule of all Items my organization has published?
    2. I want to print an item
    3. What are the recommended print settings for LibraryAware?
    4. My bookmarks (or quarter/half page flyers) are not aligned properly when I print. What can I do?
    5. Why is my branding block displaying incorrectly or missing for a particular Item type?
  19. Creating & Using Newsletters 

    1. I want to create a newsletter list
    2. How do I edit a newsletter list?
    3. How can I see a list of my newsletter lists?
    4. How can I see which newsletter lists receive syndicated content?
    5. What are starred Newsletter Lists and how do I manage them?
  20. Creating & Using Widgets 

    1. I want to create a widget and add it to my library's website
    2. How do I choose the right widget template for my social media post, blog post, website carousel, or digital sign?
    3. How do I create widget containers to hold my promotional widgets?
    4. How do I create a newsletter widget or add newsletter content to my site?
    5. How do I add a widget container to my website to display my widgets?
  21. Managing a Folder 

    1. I want to view the details of an item I created
    2. I want to delete an item
    3. I want to view my folder's publication schedule
    4. How do I rename a folder?
    5. I want to sort my items inside the folder
  22. Statistics & Reports 

    1. Folder Reports
    2. Folder Schedule
    3. Newsletter Send History
    4. Newsletter Subscription History
    5. Folder Metrics
  23. General Topics 

    1. What is the difference between an Interest Group and a Newsletter List?
    2. Is LibraryAware compatible with Macs?
    3. Can I use LibraryAware images outside of LibraryAware?
    4. Do I need copyright permission to upload photos?
    5. What keywords can I use to find design elements for my items?
  24. Troubleshooting 

    1. Why can't I activate my account?
    2. Why does LibraryAware log me out?
  25. All articles 

    1. Basic Settings
    2. How do I add subscribers?
    3. How do I change my user profile?
    4. Creating Print Items: Classic Editor
    5. Folder Reports
    265 articles 

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