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  1. About the Editor

  2. April 2016 Updates

  3. At the Advance List, how do I flag a title for deletion?

  4. At the Schedule Widget page, why don’t I see the widget container that I want to publish my widget to?

  5. August 2014 Updates

  6. Basic Settings

  7. Can a link embedded in an email link to anything?

  8. Can I add a subscriber that has previously been deleted from our account?

  9. Can I add a widget to my OPAC?

  10. Can I add an e-resource for a database that is not an EBSCO product?

  11. Can I connect LibraryAware to a Facebook profile rather than page?

  12. Can I export my subscriber list?

  13. Can I insert a Promotional Item as an image in another Item?

  14. Can I link widgets to NoveList?

  15. Can I upload a custom font to my LibraryAware account?

  16. Can I use LibraryAware images outside of LibraryAware?

  17. Can LibraryAware integrate with Stacks?

  18. Can our patrons subscribe to feeds of our newsletter lists?

  19. Catalog Link Format Examples

  20. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bibliography

  21. Cheat Sheet: Create a Bookmark

  22. Cheat Sheet: Create a Flyer Using 3-Layer Templates

  23. Cheat Sheet: Create a Reading Map

  24. Cheat Sheet: Create an Event Flyer

  25. Cheat Sheet: Find the Right Template

  26. Color Swatches

  27. Communication Summary

  28. Content Availability

  29. December 2014 Updates

  30. December 2015 Updates

  31. Do I need copyright permission to upload photos?

  32. February 2016 Updates

  33. Font Swatches

  34. Getting Started with NextReads in LibraryAware

  35. How are NextReads newsletters created?

  36. How are the colors in my color swatch used in the newsletter?

  37. How can a parent organization distribute a newsletter to a child organization?

  38. How can I add a blank book record to my newsletter if the book is not in the LibraryAware database?

  39. How can I add an e-book record to my newsletter?

  40. How can I add subscribers from one Interest Group or Newsletter List to another?

  41. How can I add ‘word art’ to my Item in LibraryAware?

  42. How can I adjust the timing on my existing promotional widget?

  43. How can I change my password?

  44. How can I check the catalog links in my newsletter?

  45. How can I create templates for my organization?

  46. How can I customize my default opt-in and subscribe pages?

  47. How can I embed a newsletter issue on my website?

  48. How can I find the templates featured in the Book Squad emails?

  49. How can I get a report of the newsletter issues sent for my library?

  50. How can I get subscriber activity report?

  51. How can I get the permanent link to a newsletter?

  52. How can I link to the image of my Item?

  53. How can I link to the PDF version of my Item?

  54. How can I move an Item from one Promotion to another?

  55. How can I see a list of my newsletter lists?

  56. How can I see a list of the newsletters that are scheduled to be delivered?

  57. How can I see which newsletter lists receive syndicated content?

  58. How can I see which widgets are posted to a promotional widget container?

  59. How can I share my Item so a coworker can review?

  60. How can I undo an action in the LibraryAware Editor?

  61. How can I view a list of newsletter issues that have been sent to subscribers?

  62. How can I view the list of subscribers for a specific Interest Group?

  63. How can I view the list of subscribers to a Newsletter List?

  64. How can I view the subscribers that have unsubscribed from my library’s communications?

  65. How do I access LibraryAware accounts for other branches?

  66. How do I add a book to my newsletter?

  67. How do I add a link to an Item?

  68. How do I add a QR code to my Item?

  69. How do I add a widget container to my website to display my widgets?

  70. How do I add a widget to my promotional widget container?

  71. How do I add an audiobook to my newsletter?

  72. How do I add content from my EBSCO folder to my Items?

  73. How do I add content from my NoveList folder to my Items?

  74. How do I add my library's branding?

  75. How do I add newsletter content to my Print Items?

  76. How do I add or edit Community Partners?

  77. How do I add or edit Media Outlets?

  78. How do I add subscribers to an existing Subscriber Interest Group?

  79. How do I add subscribers?

  80. How do I add, edit, or remove users?

  81. How do I archive an Active Promotion?

  82. How do I bulk upload a list of subscribers?

  83. How do I cancel or reschedule the delivery of a newsletter?

  84. How do I change a promotional widget's expiration date?

  85. How do I change my login email address?

  86. How do I change my user profile?

  87. How do I change or add an image in an Item?

  88. How do I change the branding set used in a newsletter issue?

  89. How do I change the branding set used in an Item?

  90. How do I change the colors used in my Item?

  91. How do I change the font and font colors used in my Item?

  92. How do I change the “Reply To” email address for my newsletters and other emails?

  93. How do I connect to Facebook and Twitter?

  94. How do I copy a Newsletter Issue?

  95. How do I copy an Item?

  96. How do I create a clickable button and add it to my Item?

  97. How do I create a custom opt-in/subscribe page?

  98. How do I create a new Subscriber Interest Group?

  99. How do I create a newsletter from an EBSCO or NoveList alert?

  100. How do I create a newsletter list?

  101. How do I create a newsletter widget or add newsletter content to my site?

  102. How do I create a Promotion?

  103. How do I create a promotional widget?

  104. How do I create and edit a newsletter issue?

  105. How do I create and edit an e-blast?

  106. How do I create custom branding in Publisher?

  107. How do I create Items?

  108. How do I create Print Items using Section Layouts?

  109. How do I create two-sided Items?

  110. How do I create widget containers to hold my promotional widgets?

  111. How do I deactivate a newsletter list that is no longer in use?

  112. How do I delete a Promotion?

  113. How do I delete an Item?

  114. How do I edit a newsletter list?

  115. How do I edit my image?

  116. How do I edit my library's branding?

  117. How do I edit or delete email subscribers?

  118. How do I edit or delete Subscriber Interest Groups?

  119. How do I edit the header of my NextReads newsletters?

  120. How do I email e-blasts or letters to a group of subscribers?

  121. How do I enter or edit text in the Editor?

  122. How do I find shelf talker templates in LibraryAware?

  123. How do I manage my child organizations' access to my subscribers?

  124. How do I manage the list of e-resources for my library?

  125. How do I name Items?

  126. How do I order Advance List items from Baker & Taylor?

  127. How do I pin LibraryAware content to Pinterest?

  128. How do I post a flyer, poster, and other Items to Facebook or Twitter?

  129. How do I post a flyer, poster, and other Items to my catalog from LibraryAware?

  130. How do I preview my Item?

  131. How do I print Items?

  132. How do I print newsletters?

  133. How do I promote LibraryAware?

  134. How do I remove a promotional widget?

  135. How do I rename a Promotion?

  136. How do I review an Item that a coworker shared?

  137. How do I save my item as a PDF?

  138. How do I save my Item?

  139. How do I schedule a newsletter issue to send to my subscribers?

  140. How do I see my library's activity?

  141. How do I send a test email for a newsletter issue?

  142. How do I send an email to an individual?

  143. How do I set up and edit catalog links for my NextReads newsletters?

  144. How do I sign up to receive notifications for Advance Lists or Draft NextReads newsletters?

  145. How do I swap a book or AV jacket image?

  146. How do I transfer subscribers from an Interest Group to a Newsletter List?

  147. How do I upload and manage the images for my library?

  148. How do I view a list of my draft newsletter issues?

  149. How do I view Active Promotions?

  150. How do I view statistics on my newsletters and newsletter lists?

  151. How do I view the details of an Item I created?

  152. How do I view the list of NextReads newsletters that are available for editing?

  153. How do patrons/subscribers unsubscribe from communications sent from LibraryAware?

  154. How does Events by Evanced Solutions work with LibraryAware?

  155. How to Promote Your NextReads Newsletters

  156. I only want to receive notifications for specific NextReads Newsletter Lists. How do I set this up?

  157. Is LibraryAware compatible with Macs?

  158. Is there a way to embed a video in my newsletter?

  159. January 2017 Updates

  160. July 2015 Updates

  161. LibraryAware Training

  162. LibraryReads Newsletters

  163. March 2015 Updates

  164. My Advance List export file is not displaying properly when I open it. What do I do?

  165. My bookmarks (or quarter/half page flyers) are not aligned properly when I print. What can I do?

  166. Newsletter Send History

  167. Newsletter Subscription History

  168. NextReads Downloads

  169. NextReads Newsletter Delivery Schedule

  170. On The Shelf (OTS)

  171. Promotion Schedule

  172. Promotional Details

  173. Promotional Reports

  174. Promotions Overview

  175. Reaching Technical Support

  176. Reusables

  177. Schedule

  178. Standard Newsletters Provided by NextReads

  179. Status of LibraryAware

  180. System Requirements

  181. Tip: Channels of Communication

  182. Tip: Create an Effective Social Media Plan

  183. Tip: Email Blasts

  184. Tip: Feedback on Programs

  185. Tip: Feedback on Services

  186. Tip: Flyers and Posters

  187. Tip: Get the Most From Facebook

  188. Tip: Handouts

  189. Tip: Key Elements to Know Before You Start

  190. Tip: Letters To The Editor - To Gain Support

  191. Tip: Media Advisory

  192. Tip: Op-Ed Letters

  193. Tip: Press Releases

  194. Tip: Program Planning

  195. Tip: Program Planning Checklist

  196. Tip: Sample Invitations to Speak

  197. Tip: Sample Letters of Recognition

  198. Tip: Sample Letters to the Editor

  199. Tip: Sample Sponsorship Letter

  200. Tip: Sample Thank You For Attending Letters

  201. Tip: Tweeting at a Live Event

  202. Upcoming NextReads Changes

  203. Video Tutorials

  204. Welcome to LibraryAware for public libraries

  205. Welcome to the Newsletter Builder for corporate customers

  206. What are flexible templates?

  207. What are Section Layout templates and how can I use them to create bibliographies in print Items?

  208. What are starred Newsletter Lists and how do I manage them?

  209. What are starred Promotions/Items and how do I manage them?

  210. What are the different types of templates in LibraryAware?

  211. What are the different user roles?

  212. What are the recommended print settings for LibraryAware?

  213. What dimension should I use for each of my branding blocks?

  214. What does LibraryAware do to prevent emails sent from LibraryAware from being flagged as spam?

  215. What if I have trouble finding the book that I want to add to my Item or newsletter?

  216. What if my library wants to use a font that is not available in the Editor?

  217. What is I see it in my Facebook and Twitter posts and any items that I share from LibraryAware.

  218. What is an Opt-In Page link and how do I generate one?

  219. What is the difference between a newsletter and an e-blast?

  220. What is the difference between a Promotion and an Item?

  221. What is the difference between an Interest Group and a Newsletter List?

  222. What is the difference between hard and soft bounces?

  223. What is the NextReads Advance List and how do I view it?

  224. What is the process for creating a widget and adding it to your library's website?

  225. What is the URL for my published newsletter?

  226. What resolution should I use for my branding image?

  227. What URL should I use for my e-resource?

  228. What URL should I use for my Evanced feed?

  229. When I add a user to my account, how can I get the user’s name to display?

  230. When I post to Facebook, where will the post link to?

  231. When will my email be delivered?

  232. Where can I display my widget?

  233. Where can I find the total number of subscribers for my organization?

  234. Where can I view the full schedule of all Items my organization has published?

  235. Why can't I activate my account?

  236. Why did the checkmark disappear from the Bounce Status column for a subscriber?

  237. Why do I need a Facebook page and how do I create one?

  238. Why does LibraryAware log me out?

  239. Why doesn’t my QR code scan correctly on my printed Item?

  240. Why is my branding block displaying incorrectly or missing for a particular Item type?

  241. Why is my preview blank?

  242. Why isn’t my widget appearing on my site?

  243. Why isn’t there a checkmark in the Confirmed column for some of the users I added to my account?

  244. Will LibraryAware ever post anything that my library has not created, to our Facebook account?

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