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Creating & Using Newsletters

  1. I want to create a newsletter list

  2. How do I edit a newsletter list?

  3. How can I see a list of my newsletter lists?

  4. How can I see which newsletter lists receive syndicated content?

  5. What are starred Newsletter Lists and how do I manage them?

  6. How do I deactivate a newsletter list that is no longer in use?

  7. How do I create and edit a newsletter issue?

  8. How are the colors in my color swatch used in the newsletter?

  9. How do I add a book, e-book, or audiobook to my newsletter?

  10. How can I add a blank book record to my newsletter if the book is not in the LibraryAware database?

  11. Is there a way to embed a video in my newsletter?

  12. How do I change the branding set used in a newsletter issue?

  13. How can I check the catalog links in my newsletter?

  14. How do I print newsletters?

  15. How do I copy a Newsletter Issue?

  16. How do I view a list of my draft newsletter issues?

  17. How do I send a test email for a newsletter issue?

  18. How do I schedule a newsletter issue to send to my subscribers?

  19. How do I change the “Reply To” email address for my newsletters and other emails?

  20. How can I see a list of the newsletters that are scheduled to be delivered?

  21. How can I view a list of newsletter issues that have been sent to subscribers?

  22. How do I cancel or reschedule the delivery of a newsletter?

  23. What is the URL for my published newsletter?

  24. How can I get the permanent link to a newsletter?

  25. How can I embed a newsletter issue on my website?

  26. How can I view the list of subscribers to a Newsletter List?

  27. How can I get subscriber activity report?

  28. Can our patrons subscribe to feeds of our newsletter lists?

  29. How can a parent organization distribute a newsletter to a child organization?

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