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How do I add a widget container to my website to display my widgets?

Once you have created a widget container (see the How do I create widget containers to hold my widgets? page or the How do I create a newsletter widget or add newsletter content to my site? page), you can add it to your website.  Remember, a widget container is the designated space that holds the widgets that you post to it.  

To add a widget container to your website:

  1. Select Admin from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. Click the Widget Settings link to expand the Widget Settings menu.
  3. Select either Promotional Widgets or Newsletter Widgets from the Widget Settings menu.
  4. Click the Preview and Setup link to the right of the widget container.
  5. Follow the instructions using the code provided to add the widget container to your site OR send the URL for this instruction page to your webmaster.
Note:  Once the code for the container is added to your site, it may take a few minutes for the widget to appear.

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