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Why doesn’t my QR code scan correctly on my printed item?

These instructions apply to templates that use the Classic editor, as well as emails and newsletters.

In order for a QR code to scan on your printed Item, you must make sure to print the PDF of the Item.  

To access the PDF of the Item:

  1. In the Promotions tab, click the View Promotion link beneath the title of that Promotion to open the Items page.
  2. From the Items page, click on a specific Item to open the Document Details pop-up.
  3. From the Document Details options, click Get PDF URL.
  4. A new browser tab or window will open.  Click the Print button from this screen.
  5. This will open your computer's Print Options. Click Print.

If you print the Preview of the Item, the QR code will not properly navigate to the URL that you designated.

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