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How can I see a list of my newsletter lists?

If you have Newsletter Builder (for corporate customers), go to the Welcome to the Newsletter Builder platform page to learn about creating your newsletters.

To see a list of all of your organization’s newsletter lists:

  1. Access the Newsletters section by selecting Newsletters from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. On the left side of the Newsletters Overview page, click the Newsletter Lists link.
  3. A list of all of your Newsletter Lists will display in alphabetical order. Search for a specific Newsletter List by typing in the Search box at the top of the page.  Filter the list by only Newsletter Lists that have been starred by clicking the Starred button above the list (or click All to view all Newsletter Lists).  Note: Newsletters that receive syndicated content from NextReads or other parent organizations will also be listed at this page with a notation.
  4. From the Newsletter Lists page, you can:
    • View the number of subscribers for the Newsletter List under the Newsletter List name.  To view a list of these subscribers, click on the “x subscribers” link.
    • Click Create Issue to create a new newsletter issue.
    • Click View Issues to view a list of the newsletter issues for the newsletter list.
    • Click the List Overview link (below the newsletter list) to view information about this newsletter list, including statistics and a link to the next issue.
    • Click Edit List Settings to change the details of the newsletter list.
    • Click Deactivate for a newsletter list that is not longer in use.

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