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How do I view a list of my draft newsletter issues?

If you have Newsletter Builder (for corporate customers), go to the Welcome to the Newsletter Builder platform page to learn about creating your newsletters.

Draft newsletter issues are issues that have not yet been scheduled to send to subscribers.  You can view a list of all your organization’s draft newsletter issues at the Newsletters Overview page:
  1. Access the Newsletters section by selecting Newsletters from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. At the Newsletters Overview page, you will see a list of Current Newsletter Issues.  This list will default to show you the all Draft newsletter issues, sorted with the most recently edited at the top.
  3. If you have starred any Newsletter Lists, you can filter the list of scheduled issues to those of starred Lists by clicking the Starred button above the list.  Click All to view all scheduled issues.  You can set the default filter in your profile.
  4. For each newsletter issue, you will be able to edit the issue (using the pencil icon), see when it was last edited, preview the issue, schedule it to be sent to your subscribers, or delete the issue.
To view the list of scheduled or delivered newsletter issues, click the Show: Scheduled or Show: Delivered button above the list.

Note: NextReads newsletters that are available to you for editing can be found under Show: Scheduled.  See How do I view the list of NextReads newsletters that are available for editing? page for more information.

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