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How do I work with layers?

These instructions apply to templates that use the Drag and Drop editor only. For instructions on editing items created in the Lists editor, see the Creating Print Items: Classic Editor section.    

You can create layers in your item by moving any element to the front or the back. 

Try using layers in one of these ways:
  • Place a text box in front of an image. Add opacity to your image to make the text stand out.
  • Expand a rectangle shape to the size of your item, add a color, and move it to the back for a colorful background color. 
  • Move an image in front of a shape of the same size, then change the opacity of the image. Your image will be tinted with the color of the shape.
  • Expand the width of a rectangle shape to the width of your item, add a color, then move your header text in front of the shape for a headline that pops!
  • Add a thought or quote bubble to an item and place a text box in front of it, giving books and other images on your item something to say.

To change the layer order for an element:

  1. Click on the element. The selected element will come to the foreground as you make your edits.
  2. Click the Layer button in the editor toolbar.
  3. Select Move to Front or Move to Back.
    Note: The Move to Front option will be unavailable if the element is in the top layer, and the Move to Back option will be unavailable for elements in the bottom layer.

  4. Click outside of your item to release your element.

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