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How do I work with layered or overlay templates in the Classic editor?

See Create Print Items: Drag and Drop Editor page for information on adding layers to items in our fully flexible editor.

These instructions apply to “overlay” templates that use the Classic editor. You can find these templates by searching "overlay section layout" in the search bar from the Home page. 

When you are selecting a template, those templates that have an image overlay will be tagged with the “overlay” keyword. Each layer of your item will contain design elements that you can work with separately. In the background layer you will use an image, either a photo or one of LibraryAware's background patterns.

To works with overlays:

  1. When you first enter your item, add your Item Name.
  2. On the left side, add any Reusbable information and click Save Reusables and Edit Content on the left side.
  3. Edit the image in the background layer:
    • Move your mouse over the template to see the yellow boxes around each layer and click inside the outermost box (the background layer).
    • Click the Swap Image button.
    • Search images by keyword or search "backgrounds" and select your image.
    • Edit the image using the zoom buttons and adjusting the opacity.
    • Edit your color swatch to change that background color.
  4. Edit the design element in the middle layer. This might be a shape that goes behind your text or a small image that has a transparent background.
    • Move your mouse over the flyer to see the yellow boxes and click just inside the middle box.
    • Click the Swap Image button.
    • Search "shapes" or "transparent" and select an image.
    • Edit the image by using the zoom buttons, moving it around, or adjusting the opacity.
  5. Edit the text in the top layer:
  6. Click the Save button to save your item.
For information about LibraryAware’s design elements, see our tutorial.

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