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How can I get the permanent link to an e-blast?

You can use the permanent URL (or permalink) to link to your e-blast from your website. The permanent URL for your e-blast is only generated when the e-blast has been emailed to your subscribers.

To get the permanent URL for your sent e-blast:

1. Select the Folders link from the top of LibraryAware.
2. Click the Folder that your item is saved in. 

3. Click Folder Settings on the right. 

4. Then choose Folder Schedule on the right to view published e-blasts.

5. Click the View Online link for the e-blast you would like to share.
6. Copy the URL.

Note: E-blasts in a Promotion will not keep the same URL when they are edited or updated. Each time an e-blast is sent to subscribers, a new URL is generated.

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