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What keywords can I use to find design element images for my items?

When adding an image, search for these image keywords to find graphic elements to use in your items:
  • Icons - Accent images with a transparent background such as clip art, infographic icons, and accent shapes.

  • Backgrounds - Full-sized designs or images that can be placed in the background of a template such as patterns, full-sized illustrations and photos. Remember that you can adjust the opacity of your background image.

  • Patterns - An image containing a pattern design. Usually full-sized backgrounds or borders.

  • Borders - Designs intended to be placed at the top and/or bottom of templates as a border accent. 

  • Lines - A line or thin border that can be placed at the top or bottom of a template as a border accent, or used to separate spaces or text.

  • Shapes - A solid shape, such as a circle or square, that can be used for a variety of purposes such behind text.

  • Stickers, Placeholder, or Labels - Smaller accent shapes that text can be placed on top to make text stand out.

  • Infographics - Solid icons that are intended to be used for infographic templates.

  • Headers - Fully designed images that span the entire width of a template - to be placed at the top of templates or in e-Blasts or e-Newsletters.  

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