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Using the LibraryAware Home Screen

When you log in to LibraryAware, you will see the Home screen by default, unless you have selected a different default homepage or your organization has disabled the Home screen.

From the LibraryAware Home screen, you can view some of LibraryAware’s great templates available for your promotions.

At the Home screen you can:

  • Use our all-format search bar to look for a template that suits your needs, whether it is for a summer reading program or a storytime event. See our Cheat Sheet: Find the Right Template for additional template keywords.   
Want to supercharge your LibraryAware search? Watch our new video tutorial here:
  • View the 50 newest templates available in LibraryAware by using the arrows to scroll through the carousel (under “New Releases”).
  • View your starred items (under “My Starred Items”). Items that you have created are automatically starred and, in your items list, you can also star other items to “favorite” them, regardless of who created them. You will be able to scroll through 50 items with the arrows on each side.
  • View templates picked by LibraryAware staff (under “LibraryAware Staff Picks”). This section will show the top 10 template picks.
  • View templates on current trending topics (under “Trending Now”). This section shows the 35 most popular templates among LibraryAware users in the past 7 days.
Selecting a Default Screen at Login

If you previously selected a different default homepage available at login or you would like to select a page other than the Home screen as your default, you can change your default screen from your profile.

To change the default screen available at login:

  1. Click My Profile in the top right of the LibraryAware screen.
  2. Under the “Change your settings” section, use the Default Tab drop-down to select a new drop-down for your default screen at login.
  3. Click the Save Preferences button at the bottom of the “Change your settings” section.

Creating a New Item from the Home Screen

From any section of the Home screen, you can create an item from a template.
  1. From the Home screen, click the Create button under a template thumbnail or click the thumbnail to begin creating your item.
  2. Edit your template. See the sections on using the Drag and Drop Editor and the Lists Editor for information on editing a template.
  3. To save your item, click the Save button in the top right corner. When you do this, you will see a pop-up to enter your item’s information:
    • Name your item: Enter a name for the item, if you have not yet named your item.
    • Choose a promotion: A promotion is the folder that you want to store your item in. For example, your organization might have a promotion to store flyers for book displays. You have two options for saving your item to a promotion:
      • Create a new promotion: Enter a promotion (or folder) name.
      • Select an existing promotion: Use the drop-down to select one of your organization’s existing promotions. Select your promotion from the list or use the search box at the top of the drop-down to search.
  4. Click the Save button in the pop-up window.

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