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Using the LibraryAware Homepage

When you log in to LibraryAware you will see the Homepage by default, unless you have set a different default page or your organization has disabled the Homepage.

Search for Templates
Use the all-format search bar to look for a template that suits your needs, whether you're promoting a program, event, service, or your collection. See our Cheat Sheet: Find the Right Template with Keywords for suggested keywords to try.

Browse Featured Templates
Our featured template carousels are the perfect place to get inspired and find an eye-catching template.
  • NEW RELEASES - Browse 50 newly released templates.

  • MY STARRED ITEMS - Items that you have created are automatically starred and, in your items list, you can also star other items to “favorite” them, regardless of who created them. Browse through up to 50 starred items.

  • LIBRARYAWARE STAFF PICKS - Our staff members curate ten extremely relevant templates right now and update this frequently, so check back often.

  • TRENDING NOW - Browse 35 templates that are being used the most at libraries right now.

From each template thumbnail, you can:
  • Tell which editor a template uses by noting the Editor Type icon at the top left corner of the template thumbnail.

  • Use the Preview link at the bottom right to view more information about the template, including the keywords it has been tagged with.

  • Use the Create button to open the template in the editor where you can edit and customize as needed.

Select a Default Page at Login
If you previously selected a different default page available at login or you would like to select a page other than the Homepage as your default, you can change your default screen from your personal settings.

To change your default screen:
  1. Click the teal circle icon at the top right of LibraryAware. This will access your personal settings.

  2. Under Change your settings, use the Default tab drop-down to select a new page for your default screen at login.

  3. Click Save Preferences to save your change.

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