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I want to get separate accounts for each of our branches

There are two ways multi-branch libraries can be set up in LibraryAware: with all locations working in one account (parent organization only) or each location working in separate accounts (child organizations under the parent organization).

You will want a parent-only setup if: 
  • Branches would like to share items they create.
  • Branches will be sharing a common, systemwide branding block.
Note: There is the option for each branch to create its own branding block, however branches must swap in their specific branding for each item created. Not all templates include branding. 

  • You would like to organize items created across your system by topic. For example: All storytime flyers would be in one promotion (folder) regardless of which branch’s staff created it.  

  • The Account Administrator can easily monitor all the content being created by member sites. All the usage statistics, including email sends, posts to social media, will be in one account instead of in each separate branch account.  

You will want a parent/child setup if: 

  • You want to restrict access to items created in the parent account. Note: Branches are not able to share items they create, however custom templates created in the parent account can be used in each child account to ensure a consistent look.
  • Each branch can create its own branding block, which will be included automatically in templates that include branding. There is no need to choose among other branch branding options for each created item.
  • Branches will have their own space to create items for their library and can create promotions (folders) to fit their specific needs.

For new accounts: Account administrator will select the preferred option in the setup email response and provide the names and contact information for each branch.

For existing accounts: Account administrators can contact our Support team by emailing with the names and contact information for each branch.

These options are available for multi-branch libraries. If you are in a system with independent library members, the account administrator should contact your library’s EBSCO sales team.  

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