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I want to archive a folder

Active folders are those that your organization is currently working on, while archived folders are those that you are no longer working on. By archiving a folder, you will remove it from your list of active folders, and you will prevent your organization’s other users from editing or adding to it.

To archive an Active Promotion:

Note: Users assigned to the Viewer role will be not able to archive a folder.

1. Click Folders in the menu at the top of the LibraryAware screen.
2. A page of active folders will display. From the list there, find the folder that you would like to archive and click the folder to open it.

3. Click Folder Settings on the right. 

4. Then click on the Archive Folder option. 

The Archive Folder notification will pop-up. Click Archive folder. A green notification box will inform you that the folder has been archived. 

To view archived folders:

Click the Archived button on the left to display archived folders. 

You can search for a folder by name using the Search box or sort your list by clicking on the field you wish to sort by: Name, Creator, Creation Date, Last Updated, or number of Items.  

To un-archive a folder: 

Note: Users assigned to the Viewer role will be not able to un-archive a Promotion. 

Click on the Archived button to display archived folders. Select the folders you wish to un-archive. Click on the un-archive icon on the right.

The folders will be moved back to the All Folders list. 

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