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I want to send out a flyer as an email

Created a flyer for an upcoming event and want to send it out to your patrons as an email? Use our placeholder template to easily send out the flyer or other item format as an e-blast.

1. Search “placeholder e-blast” in the search bar. 

2. Click the Create button under the template titled “Generic E-blast, Flyer Placeholder” that contains the image labeled “Swap for Flyer.” 

3. Click on the “Swap for Flyer” image. Then click on the Swap Image icon.

4. In the LibraryAware Image Selector menu, select the Folder Items tab. Type in the title of your created item. 

5. Click the Select Image button underneath the item thumbnail. 

6. Adjust the item image as needed. If your item has branding, click once on the item, then click on the center container handle and drag up until the branding is covered. 

7. Click on the section with the template instructions. Then click on the trash can icon to delete it. 

8. Save your e-blast. It is ready to be sent out to your patrons! 

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