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I want a focused plan to promote a specific library service

Harness the power of our professionally designed print, email, and digital templates with a strategic marketing plan. Our campaign guides help you connect with specific audiences like new cardholders, teachers, and job seekers. We’ll walk you through the key steps that are essential for looping in all necessary stakeholders, including informing your staff members for a coordinated rollout. Watch the accompanying recorded microtrainings for more in-depth guidance and helpful tips. 

Search the keywords campaign guide to bring up all created resources and start engaging your patrons! 

Click Create under the campaign guide you would like to read. Each campaign guide includes keywords to find all related templates.

NOTE: To activate the links in each guide, save the flyer, then select the View PDF option from the item’s thumbnail. 

You can also search by the campaign guide’s title to find a specific theme. For example, search promoting storytime

Campaign guide topics:

Click the links below to watch the recorded microtraining session. 

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