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Using Collections to find the templates you need

Looking for an easier and faster way to find the templates you need? We have the solution! Collections is a filter that allows you to see templates grouped by categories. Start by simply selecting a single Collection of templates. Or select multiple Collections to cover your bases.  

Collections allow you to see the templates we offer in these categories:

  • Collection Promotion
  • Events & Programs
  • Library Advocacy
  • Library Operations & Signs
  • Readers’ Advisory
  • Seasonal 

You can start using the Collections filter when searching for templates from the LibraryAware homepage, or when working within a Folder, click on Create Item

From the homepage

  1. Enter your keywords, such as mystery, storytime, or library card, into the search bar.

  2. At the results page, in the Refine column select the appropriate Collection.
    (a) Searched for mystery, select Readers' Advisory and/or Collection Promotion.
    (b) Searched for storytime, select Events & Programs.
    (c) Search for library card, select Library Operations & Signs.

From a folder

  1. Click the FOLDERS tab then click to open the Folder where you would like to create an item.

  2. In the Folder, click the Create Item button.

  3. From the search page, in the Refine column select a single Collection or multiple Collections to see all materials within the Collection(s). Looking for something more specific? Enter your keywords into the search bar and then in the Refine column, select the appropriate Collection(s). 

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