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How do I save a section as a Module for re-use in the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

Do you find it time-consuming to keep recreating the same elements over and over, each time you want to include them in an email? Save yourself time and hassle by using Modules! 

Modules allow you to save an email element to modify (if needed) and reuse it over and over. You can save Stripes, Structures, and Containers as Modules. Modules you have created are available to all users within your account. Choose the jump start method or skip to dive in deeper and get a few pro tips.

Jump start

Hover over any element in your email that you want to save to use in another e-blast. A three-dot tab will appear on the side of the element. Open the tab then select the letter tray icon. Follow the prompts to name it so you can find it later and click save. Done!

Deeper dive


  1. Once you have added the elements to your email that you would like to save as a Module, hover over it (look for the indicator tabs to see if you are accessing the Stripe, Structure, or Container).

  2. Select the three-dot tab that appears.

  3. Select Save as module (letter tray icon). This will open the Module settings menu.


  • Module Name: Modules are accessible by all users within your account so give your module a name that is clear and descriptive.

  • Module Description: Include a description of the module and any instructions you want others to follow when using it.

  • Category: Use the drop-down menu to select a Category for the Module. *This feature is in development. Check back for updates.

  • Tags: Add one or several tags (single word) to each module. In the list of saved modules, you will then see available modules grouped by tags.
  • SAVE: Select the Save button to save the new module.

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