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How do I add alt text to my images in the Drag & Drop Email Editor?

Reaching subscribers includes creating emails that are accessible to everyone. For example, individuals with low vision often use screen readers to view email content, so you can increase the accessibility of your emails by including alt text for your images. And the Drag & Drop Email Editor makes adding alt text a snap! 

Alt text can be added to any image-type block: 
If your template has one of these blocks included as a placeholder, the alt text field will be filled. Note that if you swap the image, the alt text does not automatically change, please be sure to update it to match the image you select. 

Add/edit alt text 

  1. In the editor, select the block you want to add alt text to. The settings menu for the block will open on the left. 

  2. In the settings menu, locate the Alternate Text field. 

  3. Enter your alt text. 

Here are a few tips for writing alt-text from the American Federation for the Blind
  • There's no need to start with "picture of..." or "image of..." You can jump right in to describing your image. 

  • Describe the function of the image. Especially if the image is a link, "Search the Card Catalog" is much more useful than "Photo of a collection of books and other reading materials scattered on a library table."

  • Brief is better. Remember, syllables are time.

  • Put the most essential information first. If it is necessary to use several words, use "Acme Logo: Sun rising over white sand dunes" rather than "Sun rising over white sand dunes: Acme Logo."

  • Meaningless graphics need not have meaningful text. If a graphic is being used as a spacer, to push other graphics into position, don't label the thing "Green spacer." Instead, put a space between the quotes of the alt-text so users don't have their train of thought disrupted by such irrelevant information. Use this "non-text" judiciously, though. If you can't think of something to say about an image, that doesn't mean it's meaningless.

  • Maintain the alt-text. If your image map is rearranged so that the last item is now "Contact Us," don't forget to move the alt-text, too. Otherwise, that image will still be labeled as "Site Map" and users will be lost.

  • Alt-text reflects your professionalism just as much as your choice of images. Spell words correctly. 

 Check out more tips on accessibility in LibraryAware emails.

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