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Can I upload a custom font to my LibraryAware account?

Users who are assigned the Administrator role will have access to the entire Admin section of LibraryAware. Users who are assigned the Publisher role will be able to access the Template Management section under the Admin section, but not other Admin sections.
Custom Fonts can help you keep the look of your Promotions consistent with your library’s brand and existing materials.  LibraryAware Administrators can upload custom fonts to an organization’s account.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when upload your custom font:
  • Your library must comply with any licensing requirements for your custom font. Your library will need the rights to use the font in a web environment, as well as in print materials.  Your library will need what is sometimes called a “site license,” which gives all users in your organization (or those users with access to LibraryAware) access to use the font.  The license to use a custom font is held by your individual library; therefore, we will never share your fonts with other customers.
  • We support WOFF format files, the web standard format for fonts.  Other file formats, such as TTF or OTF can be converted to WOFF files with various online tools.
  • Fonts have different weights and styles called font variants.  To effectively handle font styling (bold, italics) for your font, we recommend uploading files for four of the most common font variants:
    • Normal (required)
    • Bold (optional)
    • Italic (optional)
    • Bold and Italic (optional)
    • Note: If you choose not to upload files for all four variants, your browser will attempt to render bolded and italicized fonts from the Normal variant of the font.  The results of this rendering can be unpredictable when the Item is printed or published.
  • Custom fonts cannot be used in emails sent from LibraryAware because of the way email clients render content.  These fonts will only be available for use in printed materials and widgets.
  • If you need to support content in languages other than English, your custom font files will need to include “latin-extended” characters for accents, umlauts, etc.  Most font files only include “latin” characters to support English-language content.

To upload a custom font:

  1. Click the Admin link at the top of the LibraryAware screen.
  2. Click the Asset Management link on the left side.
  3. Click the Custom Fonts link from the Asset Management menu.
  4. At the Custom Fonts page, click the Add Custom Font button.
  5. Enter a Name for the font.
  6. Upload a font file for each font variant.  The support file format is WOFF, the web standard format for fonts.
  7. Select a Fallback Font from the drop-down menu.  The fallback font will be used if the custom font cannot be rendered (for example, if a special character is not available for the custom font). 
  8. Click the Save Changes button.
The custom font will display in the list at the Custom Fonts page, where you can:
  • Edit – Click this link to edit your custom font.  Click Save Changes to save your edits and return to the custom font list.
  • Deactivate – Click this link to deactivate your custom font so that your organization’s users cannot use it when creating promotional Items.
Note that a custom font will not be available for use in the Editor until a Font Swatch is created using the custom font.

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