What is the NextReads Advance List and how do I view it?

If you are set up to receive content from NextReads, you will also receive a monthly Advance List, which includes a list of all titles that will appear in an upcoming NextReads newsletter.

The Advance List is available approximately two months prior to the scheduled sent date for a NextReads newsletter.  We provide this list in advance so that the titles can be checked against your collection.  This allows you to order or process titles to meet anticipated customer demand.  See the Newsletter Delivery Schedule to view the dates that the Advance List will be available to you.

Note: You will receive a notification that an Advance List is available if you have selected that option from your user profile settings.  See the How do I change my user profile? page.

Note: The titles from the Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction New York Times Bestseller newsletter do not appear in the Advance List.

To view the Advance List:

  1. Click Newsletters from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. On the left side of the Newsletters Overview page, click the Advance List link.
  3. A list of titles will display.
  4. Filter the list by the drop-downs on the right side:
    • Newsletter List - View all titles for all newsletter lists or to view titles from a specific newsletter list.
    • Month and Year - Select the month (and year) of the Advance List you want to view. 
  5. For each title in the Advance List, you can see:
    • Book Jacket/Cover Image
    • Title and Author – Click the title link to view more information.  Note that the annotation shown when you click the title link, is not the annotation that will appear in the NextReads newsletter.  
    • ISBN – The ISBN for the edition selected by the NextReads staff.  Note that if you set your catalog links to search by ISBN, they will search for this ISBN by default.
    • Section – The section in which the title will display in the NextReads newsletter (e.g., New and Recently Released).
    • Newsletter List – The specific NextReads newsletter list in which the title will appear.
    • Local Holdings Information – LibraryAware can use your local collection file to determine whether or not your library owns each title.  See the Basic Settings page for more information.  
    • Flag for Deletion link - Click this link for any titles that you may want to delete from upcoming newsletters. When the newsletters are distributed to your organization, those titles that you flagged will be labeled so you can easily review or delete them.  See the How do I flag a title for deletion? page.
    • Add to B&T Cart link – Baker & Taylor customers can click this link to add a title to your Title Source 360 shopping cart for purchase. You can add all titles displayed by clicking on More and selecting Add All to B&T Cart. Once you make your selections, click the Submit Cart to B&T button at the top of the Advance List. This will prompt you to enter your B&T account information.  Click Submit to submit your cart to B&T.  You will need to finalize your purchase at the B&T site.  Note that you can enable your B&T shopping cart from the Basic Settings page under Admin.  See the Basic Settings page for more information.  Users assigned the role of Viewer will not be able to use the cart feature.
    • Check Library Catalog – Click the Author/Title and ISBN links to test your catalog searches.  These links will search using the catalog link formats that were entered in the Admin section.
    • Submit Cart to B&T (x) button – Once titles are added to your cart, click the Submit Cart to B&T button to send the cart to Title Source 360 for purchase.  Users assigned the role of Viewer will not be able to use the cart feature.
    • Export to Excel button – Click this button to download an Excel .xml file of the Advance List you are viewing.

NextReads Guidelines for ISBNs in the Advance List:

  • Adult Titles: The ISBN of the most recent in-print hardcover title edition is provided; if there is no in-print hardcover, the most recent in-print paperback ISBN is provided. 
  • Teen’s and Children’s Titles : The ISBN for the most recent in-print school and library binding edition will be provided. If there is no in-print school and library binding edition, the hardcover ISBN will be provided; if that is not available, we will provide the paperback ISBN.
  • Audiobooks: The ISBN for the most recently released unabridged CD edition will be provided.

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