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At the Advance List, how do I flag a title for deletion?

When you view the Advance List for NextReads Newsletter issues, you can flag any title that you do not want to be included in the newsletter issue that will be sent out to your subscribers.

To flag a title for deletion:

  1. From the Advance List, click the Flag for Deletion link to the right of the title.  
  2. If you have flagged the wrong title, click the Remove Flag link.
  3. When the draft newsletter issue is available to you, edit the issue to see the flagged titles.  The titles that were flagged will be surrounded by a red border that will be more pronounced when you hover over each record.  If you still would like the title removed from the newsletter, just click the Delete icon that appears when you hover.
    Note: The flagged title will remain in the newsletter unless it is deleted.
  4. Click the Save link in the top right corner.
Note: If a NextRead newsletter issue is already available to you for editing, any changes and flags made will not be reflected in the issue.  You must flag titles prior to the newsletter issue being distributed to your library.

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