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How do I transfer subscribers from an Interest Group to a Newsletter List?

You cannot transfer subscribers from an inactive Interest Group.  Please set the Interest Group to active before transferring subscribers.

To copy all subscribers of a particular Interest Group to a Newsletter List:

  1. Select Subscribers from the top of LibraryAware, click the Subscriber Interest Groups link on the left.
  2. Beside the Interest Group, click the Edit link to edit the Interest Group information.
  3. At the Edit Interest Group page, scroll down to the Advanced Settings and click the Transfer subscribers to newsletter list button.
  4. At the Transfer Subscribers page, confirm that the correct Interest Group is listed.
  5. From the Newsletter Lists field, select the Newsletter List(s) that you want to move your subscribers to.
  6. Click the Transfer Subscribers button.
  7. You will see a notification at the top of the screen. 
Note: See the How do I view the list of subscribers to a Newsletter List? for information on viewing subscriber information.

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