How are NextReads newsletters created?

NextReads newsletters are created by a team of professional librarians. Because we use the same selection resources that in-the-field librarians use, each title featured in a NextReads newsletter is one that you are likely to have in your collection and that you would be pleased to recommend to your patrons. 

When making selections, we:
  • Comb through hundreds of book reviews in Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, School Library Journal, and VOYA to find well-reviewed titles that appeal to many different reading tastes.
  • Examine popularity indicators so that the titles we select are likely to already be in your collection. We look at sales figures, existing library holdings in WorldCat, and a sampling of actual public library catalogs.
  • Check out reviews from regular readers, to ensure that the books we select have broad reader appeal.
When writing annotations, we:
  • Format annotations into section that are easy to skim, and use at least 2 sections per books. Learn more about this format and our commonly used section tags at the Using NextReads Section Tags page.
  • Are both informative and engaging. We include brief plot summaries, review quotes, and series information.
  • Maintain a casual tone that speaks to a wide range of library patrons.
  • Use appeal terms to convey the style, pacing, setting, and tone so that readers can decide whether each book is likely to be one that they will enjoy.
  • Mention similar or related books to provide readers with new points of reading exploration. 

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