How do I view the list of NextReads newsletters that are available for editing?

If you have Newsletter Builder (for corporate customers), go to the Welcome to the Newsletter Builder platform page to learn about creating your newsletters.

Note: You will receive a notification when a NextReads newsletter has been created and is available for editing if you set the “Email Notification Preferences” at your user profile .  Any LibraryAware/NextReads user can sign up to receive these emails.  NextReads newsletters that are ready for editing will be sent out three weeks before the issue is scheduled to be sent to subscribers.  See the How do I change my user profile? page for information on setting up notifications. 

To view a draft NextReads newsletter:

  1. Click Newsletters from the top of the LibraryAware page.
  2. From the Overview page, select the Scheduled button to the right of the Current Newsletter Issues heading.  NextReads newsletters will be listed under “Scheduled” because NextReads staff have already scheduled the issue to send to your patrons.
  3. If you have starred any Newsletter Lists, you can filter the list of scheduled issues to those of starred Lists by clicking the Starred button above the list.  Click All to view all scheduled issues.  You can set the default filter in your profile.
In the list of scheduled issues, NextReads newsletter issues will be titled with the month and year, and the Newsletter List will be listed below.  The list will be sorted by the date the issue is scheduled to send to subscribers, with the scheduled date and time listed to the right of the issue title.

From the list of scheduled issues, you can edit or preview the newsletter issue, or reschedule the newsletter issue to send at a different date and time.

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