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How do I create a clickable button and add it to my e-blast in the Classic Editor?

LibraryAware has a large selection of buttons available in the LibraryAware Image Selector. In your item, click on the Insert Image icon. When the Image Selector opens, search for the words/phrase you want your button to have, and button (e.g. learn more button). 

Can't find exactly what you need? Create your own!
  1. Download the button template here. Use any of the buttons as is, or customize the text, colors, or shape to suit your needs. 

  2. Once you have the button how you would like to use it, right click on the button, and then choose Save as a Picture option. The picture will save as a PNG item type by default. Give it a title that you can easily find again. 

  3. In LibraryAware, open up your e-blast where you would like to add your button. Click on the Insert Image icon. Click on the Select an image from your computer button. Open the button you have previously saved. 

  4. Once the button is now in the text box, you can resize the button. 

  5. Click on the button and then click on the Add/ Edit link icon to add in a link when the button is clicked. 

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