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My bookmarks (or quarter/half page flyers) are not aligned properly when I print. What can I do?

  • In your Print Settings, uncheck the Fit to Page (also called Shrink to Fit or Scale to Fit) option.  When this option is selected, it will cause an extra margin to be added around your document and cause it to print unevenly.  Unchecking this option will ensure that the item prints at the correct size and aligns properly.
  • For more printing tips, see What are the recommended print settings for LibraryAware?
Note: Unless otherwise indicated, LibraryAware templates have been designed for letter sized (8.5 x 11 inch) paper, and the ratios are not proportional for A3/A4 paper.  Only templates labeled with A3 or A4 should be used for those paper sizes.  The A3/A4 templates are not available by default, so please contact us at if you would like these additional templates available to you.

If you continue to have trouble with the alignment of your item, save the PDF of the items and print the PDF:

  1. Open your folder.
  2. Hover over your item and then click on the Document Details icon (three vertical dots).
  3. Click Print.
  4. Hover over the preview of your item to display the options in the bottom right corner.  Click the Save icon.
  5. Save your item as a PDF.
  6. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
  7. Print the item from Acrobat.
  8. From the Acrobat Print Settings window, select the option to print the "Actual Size." If the item is landscape-oriented, select "Flip on Short Edge."  If the items in portrait-oriented, select "Flip on Long Edge"

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