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Promoting Your NextReads Newsletters

The core service of libraries is connecting readers with books. A great way to do this is through NextReads newsletters, included in your library’s subscription to LibraryAware. NextReads newsletters automatically deliver curated reading recommendations directly to patron inboxes with customization to your branding. They are the ideal solution for busy librarians because they save staff time and help build connections to readers. 

Download A Guide to NextReads Newsletters to find handy tools like a checklist of proven ideas for increasing sign-ups and an editorial calendar for year-round promotion of book lists on social media or in your monthly newsletter. We even include links to downloadable social media graphics with copy to cut-and-paste for quick posts. Promoting NextReads newsletters has never been easier!

Ready-to-go templates

We offer signs, bookmarks, flyers, widgets, and e-blasts to promote your NextReads service to patrons in your library. To find them, search NextReads in LibraryAware. Use the Refine column to select your desired format

Pro Tip! Looking for something specifically for social media? Search NextReads + social for widget templates sized right for all your library's channels. Talk up your NextReads newsletters and make sure to include the link to your opt-in page or website, like this library did on Facebook.

Use our colorful and engaging graphics

We created the NextReads Promotion Kit where you can download colorful and engaging graphics to help you spread the word about your NextReads newsletters.

Training Rewind

Watch the replay of our training webinar, “Promoting Your NextReads Newsletters Using LibraryAware”. 

BONUS TIP: You can hire a NoveList expert to lead interactive training on reaching readers using reader-friendly language. See available courses and request a free consultation.  

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