How to Promote Your NextReads Newsletters

Want to increase subscribers for NextReads? The key is using multiple communication channels. We have many ready-to-go items to make it easy to spread the word.
  • On your website: 
    Make it easy for patrons to sign up. Include the link to the opt-in page everywhere! Many libraries add a widget to their homepage that links to their sign-up page. They also add a link on the Kids, Teen and Adult pages

  • Social media:
    We have graphics sized right for social media (search the social channel + NextReads) or use the signs you create in LibraryAware. Hyperlink either to your opt-in page.  Include the sign-up link whenever you promote a book recommendation on social media. Try posting “Get recommendations for more mysteries every month” and hyperlink it to the sign-up page.  Or, use one of our templates to create your own posts promoting different genres throughout the year. Here’s a great example of what one library posted to promote the Fantasy & Science Fiction newsletter.  (P.S. Signs and flyers promoting NextReads are also available and look great on social media, too. 

    Pro Tip: Tweet or post daily reading recommendations pulled from NextReads newsletters. For more information, see How do I post a flyer, poster, and other Items to Facebook or Twitter?.    
  • Throughout your library:
    We offer several templates for signs, shelf talkers, bookmarks, and e-blasts to make it easy for you to remind people about your NextReads service. To find them, click on the Home button at the top of the screen. You can also click on the Promotions tab and then click the Create Item link under the Promotion you would like to save the item in. Search "NextReads" in the search bar, then use the Refine Results section on the left to narrow down your format. 
  • With your staff: 
    Is your staff involved in promoting NextReads? Encourage them to sign up for a newsletter; then they can speak from experience! If they don’t know about it and don’t feel connected to it, it’s hard for them to recommend it to patrons. 
  • On staff email signatures: 
    Ask staff to include the link to sign up for NextReads, in outgoing emails. They can hyperlink a sentence in their email signature to your opt-in page; for example: Looking for your next favorite book? 
  • At your reference desks:
    Print a sign for your desks about NextReads (search "NextReads" and then in the Refine Results sidebar click the Flyers-Signs checkbox under Formats). Customize the sign with “Ask a librarian how to sign up.” or a similar call-to-action. You can also swap out the image in the template for another image. To encourage users to sign up, either point them to the form on your website (tip: you can use either or to create a shortened URL for it and include it on your flyer) or print out the paper subscription form for users to fill out, then have staff enter the user’s subscription details manually. 

    Also, try handing out printed versions of the newsletterwe created a template in LibraryAware that makes it easy to take content from any of our newsletters and with a click, add it to our print template. Include the sign-up link so people can sign up to get them in their inbox. Search "NextReads" in the search bar on the Home page and then in the Refine Results side bar, click the Two Sided-Flyers checkbox.  You can also create printed bookmarks and put them in your holds books or pass them out at the checkout desk. Search "NextReads" in the search bar and then under the Refine Results sidebar, click the Bookmark-2-page checkbox. 
  • In your newsletters:
    Promote NextReads in your library’s newsletters. This newsletter promotes three lists under the heading “What’s New at the Library” with jacket images for books from the newsletters. And this newsletter has a standing feature at the bottom of each issue. You can promote a different NextReads list each month or, if space is a premium, just include a line like this library did. The key is to include your opt-in page link so readers can just click to sign up. 
  • E-blast promotion: 
    If you don’t have a library news or events newsletter, you can still reach customers about NextReads if you have their email addresses. We’ve got great templates that make this super easy. Libraries tell us that customers like hearing from their library about services and don’t mind getting an email. Check out our white paper with great tips for promoting your online services like NextReads via email. 
  • During library card registration: 
    Make it easy for patrons by including NextReads newsletter sign-ups with the library card application—that way, as people are checking boxes anyway, they can select the newsletters they’re interested in.
  • At outreach events: 
    Have your outreach teams bookmark the sign-up page and let people sign up for newsletters on the spot! 
  • Community connections: 
    Know of a local travel group? Tell them about your Armchair Travel newsletter and make it easy for them to promote it to members. What about a local comic book store? They might want to know about the Fantasy and Science Fiction newsletter. What about daycare centers and schools? Tell them about the Kids’ Books and Picture Books newsletters. You get the idea!
For more tips, check out our webcast on increasing NextReads subscribers:

We’re here to help you be successful with NextReads. Contact our Support Team for help implementing any of these ideas. Send an email to or click on the “Stuck? Chat with us!” link on the bottom left of the screen when you’re working in LibraryAware. 

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