How to Promote Your NextReads Newsletters

Here are some tips for making sure that readers know about NextReads newsletters and how to sign up for them. The key is using multiple communication channels. We have many ready-to-go items to make it easy to get started.  
TIP: After clicking Create Item under your Promotion, you can find all of these NextReads-specific items by selecting “NextReads” from the Topic drop-down menu in the template gallery. 
  1. Make sure your readers can easily sign up for newsletters. Help your patrons find your NextReads newsletter by adding the opt-in page link to your library website.  Also try adding a link to the opt-in page from your other newsletters, or adding a bookmark to your library computers.

  2. Use Flyers or Posters:  Raise awareness of your service by hanging these flyers in various places throughout your community. You can find flyer or poster templates under the Print Materials type.  Select the Flyers-Books or Posters (11x17) format.  Make sure to select NextReads from the Topic drop-down menu to find all NextReads templates.

  3. Use Print Versions of the NextReads Newsletters:  A great way to introduce folks to NextReads is to give them a sample of the content. Create print versions of the newsletters using the add from newsletter feature.  Here are some ideas for using these print copies: 

    • Place them on relevant display tables or bring on outreach visits. 
    • Select a genre each month and give the printed newsletter out to folks who are checking out those types of books. 
    • Give them out at related library programs/events.

  4. Use Shelf Talkers: Reach browsers in the stacks! Shelf Talker templates can be found under the Print Materials type, by selecting the Flyer-Signs format. 

  5. Print Bookmarks: These are great walk away pieces that you can share in house or on outreach. From the Create Item screen, select the Print Materials type and the Bookmark-4-page or the Bookmark-3-page type.

  6. Post Widgets: Reach your virtual visitors. If you want, place newsletter widgets on different pages on your web and link to matching newsletter issues. For more information on creating newsletter widgets, see How do I create newsletters widgets or add newsletter content to my site?.

  7. Post to Social Media: Post to Twitter and Facebook with links to the opt-in page.  Tweet or post daily reading recommendations pulled from NextReads newsletters.  For more information, see How do I post a flyer, poster, and other Items to Facebook or Twitter?.

  8. Post to your catalog: If you have NoveList Select, you can post a newsletter directly in your catalog!   Use the Reading Levels and Newsletter List terms when you create your Newsletter List to pull your newsletter into relevant catalog records.  See How do I create a newsletter list? for more information.

  9. Send an Email: What better way to let your patrons know about this valuable service than through email? You can send our E-Blast to your library newsletter subscribers with a link directly to your opt-in page.  From the Create Item page, E-Blast templates can be found by selecting the Email type and then E-blasts as the format.  Make sure to select NextReads from the Topic drop-down menu to find our NextReads template.
For more tips, check out our webcast on increasing NextReads subscribers:

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