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How can I create bibliographies in the Classic editor?

Section Layout templates for Print Items use the same Editor as newsletters and e-blasts, so you will find the same flexibility.  Using the Add New menu, you can easily add text areas, multiple books or AV records at once and other fields.

Section Layout templates can be found for the following formats:
  • Brochures - Bifold
  • Brochures - Trifold
  • Bookmark-4-page
  • Bookmark-3-page
  • Bookmark-2-page
  • Flyers-Books
  • and more
From the Folders tab at the top of the LibraryAware screen, click on a folder you would like your item to be saved in. Then click the Create Item button. You can also click the Home tab. Enter “section layout” in the search bar. You can then use the Refine Results sidebar on the left to narrow down the formats displayed. 

In Section Layout templates, you can easily add multiple book or AV records using the ISBN or UPC numbers:
  1. Click on the field of your Item that is just above where you want to add your additional records.  The options menu will pop up.  
  2. Click the Add New drop-down.
  3. From the Multiple Records option, select Books by ISBN or AV Records by UPC.
  4. Type or paste in your ISBNs/UPCs, separated by either commas or hard returns.
  5. Select the layout to use for your records.
  6. Check “Clear this zone before rendering my records” if your want to remove all existing records from the area/column where you will be importing records.
  7. Click the orange Add button.
  8. The records will be added below.
Note: Under the Multiple Records menu, you will also have the option to add items from a newsletter or add items from a NoveList or EBSCO folder.

For more information on editing and creating Print Items using these templates see How do I create items in the Classic editor?.

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