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Can I add an e-resource for a database that is not an EBSCO product?

There are two ways you may want to approach this:
  1. If you want to raise awareness about specific database offerings by creating items that feature the logo, name and description of the database, you can add the non-EBSCO databases to LibraryAware’s e-resource page. This will allow you to easily insert the logo, title and description of the database in the legacy editor as reusable content. Reusables are not used in the drag and drop editor. For information on setting up an e-resource, see How do I manage the list of e-resources for my library?
  2. If you are creating an Item to link people directly to a search or article in a non-EBSCO database, create a link (custom) in the Item and insert a persistent link back to the article or search, if the vendor provides a persistent link. 

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