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Can I link widgets to NoveList?

You can link a widget to any active e-resource in your library’s LibraryAware account.  To do this, first make sure that the e-resource is added to your account and access is allowed (e-resource is active):
  1. Select Admin from the top of the LibraryAware screen.
  2. Click the E-Resources link.  
  3. All added e-resources will be listed on this page.  Active e-resources will have a “Revoke Account” link to the right of the e-resource name and description.  
For information on setting up an e-resource, see How do I manage the list of e-resources for my library?

To link your widget to an e-resource:
  1. Click the Promotions icon at the top, left-hand corner of the page.
  2. Click the View Promotion link beneath the title of your Promotion. 
  3. If you have already created a widget, you will see it in the gallery.  Click on the widget and select the Add to website widget link.
  4. Select the Immediately radio button to publish your widget now.
  5. To schedule the widget to post at a later date/time, select the In the Future radio button. Enter a date, and select the time that you want the widget to post. The scheduled time will take into account the time zone that your Administrator set in the Basic Settings.
  6. Select an Expiration Date and time (e.g., after the event takes place) to remove the widget automatically.  If no date/time is selected, the widget will remain active until you remove it.
  7. From the Pick a Widget drop-down, select the widget container to which you would like to add this widget. Only those widget containers that are of the same aspect ratio and size (“Large” or “Small”) as the widget, will be listed in this drop-down.
  8. Click the Edit Link button to define your widget link.
  9. Select the E-Resource tab in the Select Post Link Options window.
  10. From the E-Resource tab, click Select E-Resource. Search for the e-resource and click Use this E-Resource.  From the drop-down menu, define the Link Format that you want to use.  Click OK to link the widget to the E-Resource.
  11. Enter the Alt text for the image.  The alternative text will display when a patron cannot view an image, possibly due to their browser settings or to visual impairment.  The text you enter should convey the same information as the image.
  12. Click Save Publication Event to publish or schedule your widget.

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