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In the Classic editor, can I insert a folder item as an image in another item?

In the Classic editor, if you want to use an existing item that you've created in a new item type, you can do so by inserting the existing item as an image. Use this if you want to convert an item to a different item type.

To insert an existing item as an image within another item:

1. Select your new item template.
2. From the Editor, insert your cursor in a text area. 
3. The formatting toolbar will appear at the top of the Editor.

4. Click the Insert Image button. This will open the Image Selector window. 

5. Click on the Folder Items tab. 
6. You can select the “Only items in this folder” checkbox or use the Search box to locate the Item that you want to insert as an image.

7. Use the Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit, and Fill buttons to adjust the size of your image.
8. You can also insert images of other folder items in the item.
9. When you are done, save your item.

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