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What are the different types of templates in LibraryAware?

Drag and Drop Templates
  • These templates give you the most flexibility to layer your text, images, and backgrounds. You can move, rotate, and edit the elements in your text.
  • Most of the templates in LibraryAware are the Drag and Drop item type.
  • See Editing Items: Drag and Drop Editor section for information on using these templates.
Classic Templates
  • Allows you to create lists of books, AV items and events.
  • When you use a template with section layouts, you can create lists that can be reordered and add text and images. Find these materials by searching "section layout" and any additional keywords you would like to add. For example, you can search "book section layout' or "holidays section layout."
  • When you select a template that uses Reusables, you will see a column on the left where you can fill in any text you plan to use again in other items that feature Reusables. Find these templates by searching “flexible section layout.”
  • See Editing Items: Lists Editor for information on using these templates.
When you click the Preview button in a template thumbnail, you can view the keywords tagged to the template.  Each template will be tagged with information on how it is used.

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