What are the different types of templates in LibraryAware?

Flexible Templates 
  • As the default print template, these are the easiest to use and will provide you with a clean, easy-to-read Item. 
  • When you select a flexible template you will see a column on left to insert your Reusables first.
  • See About the Editor for information on using these templates.

Overlay (or 2 layer or 3 layer) Templates
  • Allows you to place text over images. 
  • Provides a way to achieve a layered look. 

Section Layout Templates

When you click 
Create Item, you can search for these types of templates by typing "section layout," "flexible," "overlay," or "layer" in the Search box above the list of templates.  Click on a template to view the keywords tagged to the template.  Each template will be tagged with information on how it is used.

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