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How do I add newsletter content to my Print Items and E-blasts?

These instructions apply to templates that use the Classic editor, as well as  emails and newsletters.

You can add events, books, AV records, and e-resources from one of your newsletters, to your promotional item or e-blast.  This is great if you want to pull content from NextReads newsletters, into other items that you create. 

Note: This feature only applies to templates that use section layouts.

To pull content from a newsletter into your item:

  1. From your section layout template, click on the field of your Item that is just above where you want to add your additional records.  The options menu will pop up.  
  2. Click the Add New drop-down.
  3. From the Multiple Records option, select Records from Newsletter.  This will open a window to select your records.
  4. From the drop-down menus, select the Newsletter List and Newsletter Issue.
  5. Click the Select My Records button.
  6. A list of the records found in that newsletter issue will display.  Use the checkboxes to the left of each record, to select the records that you would like to add.  Note, the records will be added to your Item in the order that they appear in the newsletter issue.
  7. Click the Select how these records will be displayed button.
  8. For each type of record, use the drop-down to select the desired layout.
  9. Check “Clear this zone before rendering my records” if you want to remove all existing records from the area where you will be importing records.
  10. Click the Import my records into this zone button.
  11. Your records will be added to your Item.

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