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Folder Schedule

The Folder Schedule (under the Reports link) will show the schedule for all of your organization’s active folders.

In the Search box at the Folder Schedule, you can search for Items based on channel, Item name, or Folder.  You can filter this list to your Starred Folders or all Folders.  

For each published Item listed at your Publication Schedule, you will see:
  • Thumbnail and Name of the Item
  • The folder for which the Item was created 
  • Channel to which  the Item was posted 
  • For emailed Items, the Interest Groups the Item was sent to
  • For widgets, the widget container the widget was published to
  • For social media, the page or account the Item was posted to
  • Date the Item was published on or scheduled for
  • Expiration Date for the Item
  • Edit the scheduled expiration date.
  • View Online link to view the Item
  • Take down post link to remove the Item prior to its Expiration Date
  • Delete post link to remove a post that has not yet been published
  • Retry link, if your initial post failed
Using the drop-downs at the top of the Folder Schedule, you can filter by:
  • Folder – Search for the name of a folder to view only Items under that Promotion.  To view Items from all folder again, click the Show All link from the drop-down.
  • Channel – Make a selection from the Channel drop-down menu to view only those Items published to a particular channel.
  • Created By – Select a user from the Created By drop-down to view only those Items created by a particular user. This does not filter by the user that published the item.
  • Date Range – Select a date range to view Items published between those dates. By default, the schedule is shown for posts published or scheduled to be published between 30 days prior to and 60 days after the current date.

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