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Newsletter Subscription History

The Newsletter Subscription History report (under the Reports tab at the top of the page) will show you information on the new subscribes or unsubscribes for your Newsletter Lists.

Use the date field to select a date range for which you would like to view statistics.  Click the Update button after you have selected a date range.  The past month will be selected by default.  

You can filter the list to show Starred Newsletter Lists or view All.  If your profile settings are set to show only starred Newsletter Lists by default, this report will default to show Starred Newsletter Lists only. See What are starred Newsletter Lists and how do I manage them? for more information.

For each Newsletter List, you will see:
  • Newsletter List name
  • Number of new subscribers to the Newsletter List
  • Number of subscribers who unsubscribed from the Newsletter List
  • Number of current subscribers for the Newsletter List as of today
Note: A Newsletter List will only be listed in this report if there were changes to the subscribes or unsubscribes during the selected month.

Click the Export to CSV button to download an export of your report.

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