How do I see my library's activity?

Only users who are assigned the Administrator role will have access to the Admin section of LibraryAware.

The System Activity page contains a log of all activity that has occurred in your LibraryAware account.  This includes each time a setting, Promotion, or Item is changed.  You can access the log by selecting Admin from the top of the LibraryAware page, then clicking the System Activity link.  

The System Activity log will contain the following information:

  • Activity Time – The day and time that the activity occurred.
  • Activity Type – The type of activity performed.
  • Description – A detailed description of the activity, including the name of the Promotion or Item that was created or changed, the user who was added or removed, etc.
  • User – The user who performed the activity.

By default, your System Activity log is sorted by Activity Time, in ascending order.  Click the Activity Time column header to change the sort order to descending.

You can also search your System Activity log for a particular user or Promotion, using the Search box in the top right corner of the page.

Note:  This log lists activity for this organization only and does not include activity for any child organization (for example, library branches).  Select a child organization from the Branch Selection drop-down to view their activity log.

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