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Book record issues in LibraryAware

We have received notifications from both LibraryAware customers and NextReads bibliographers that book records are missing in LibraryAware, especially affecting newer titles. In many cases, when the book record is present, the annotation is missing. We understand that this has caused a significant problem for customers that create their own book newsletters and edit the content in their NextReads newsletters. We apologize for the issue and the frustration it is causing our customers. We are working on a fix. 

Our technical teams are investigating a solution on two fronts. The first is to make sure that our book records are complete to-date. This first solution will be a temporary one and may not fix the missing annotations, but will alleviate some of the extra time and trouble our customers are experiencing. The second solution is an expedited fix to make sure the book record build doesn’t experience such gaps again. While both solutions are fast-tracked, we don’t have an estimated fix time yet.

February 13 update: The first part of the fix has been completed. A check on a selection of known missing titles show that the data is available and most of the records have their proper annotations. We will continue to keep an eye on the book record data to ensure the records remain as complete as possible until the permanent solution is in place. The work on the permanent solution is still fast-tracked, though there is no update on a fix time. 

If you add books to NextReads newsletters or create custom book newsletters, you can add a blank book record as a temporary workaround.

If you do not add in your own book records to NextReads newsletters or create custom book newsletters, you will not need to do anything. Our NextReads bibliographers write those annotations so your staff and readers will not notice any issues. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to fix this problem as soon as possible. We will update this notice with a timeline or notification of a solution as soon as that information becomes available. If you would like to receive email notification of progress on this service issue, please contact LibraryAware support. LibraryAware support is also available if you have questions.

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