Status of LibraryAware

NextReads newsletters affected by shifting publication dates

Continue to send out your NextReads newsletters as another form of online communication to your patrons. 

With publishers and warehouses closed due to the virus, many publication dates are shifting. That means starting with the June editions of NextReads, you may see fewer titles listed as we are removing titles that haven't been published yet. It's a temporary situation; once these new books are published, we'll add them to both the correct Advance list and the newsletter drafts.

This is the perfect opportunity to promote e-books and e-audiobooks that you have in your collection. Patrons are so appreciative that their libraries have digital versions for check out, so make it easy for them by recommending a few to fill up the list. We have step-by-step instructions on how to add links to your e-books and e-audiobooks as well as how to promote your virtual programming events and online resources

Communicating with your patrons about COVID-19

LibraryAware has tools to help you communicate about the impact of COVID-19 on your library.

Progress in Fixing Book Jackets Not Displaying

We continue to work with our vendor on the issue of book jackets not displaying. There have been some improvements and most book jackets are now displaying. Newer titles seem to be working as expected, while others continue to have intermittent issues.

Please continue to send us screenshots or examples of what you’re experiencing so we can help our partner diagnose the problem. To manually add in book jacket images, follow the steps outlined here.

Please feel confident that the draft NextReads newsletters you received in your queue on or after March 9 will include book jackets that will reliably show up when patrons receive the newsletter. 

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