System Requirements

Users can access LibraryAware from any personal computer or Mac using one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (Note: The LibraryAware interface works best with Chrome version 20.0 or above.)  
  • Firefox 23 or later
  • Microsoft Edge

At this time, LibraryAware is not supported on iPads or other tablet or mobile devices, If you try to access LibraryAware from one of these devices you will receive an error message.  While the Chrome browser on these devices provides similar features to the desktop version of Chrome, there are differences in the engine that is used to display webpages and handle various interactions.  Because of these differences, LibraryAware is not supported on tablet and mobile devices. 

LibraryAware does not require any plugins and works with most internet speeds. 4Mb/s connection is the minimum suggested for optimal performance, which is at the low end of what is considered “Broadband.” However, a “Broadband/cable” connection may be adequate.

Note: Patrons can view your published content from any browser or from a mobile device.  

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